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Plug the amount of your total income (from Table 2-4) and the amount of your total expenses (from Table 2-5) into the Table 2-6 worksheet to see your cash flow. Do you have a positive cash flow — more cash coming in than going out — so that you can start investing in stocks (or other investments), or are expenses overwhelming your income? Doing a cash-flow statement isn’t just about finding money to fund your stock program. First and foremost, it’s about your financial well-being. Are you managing your finances well, or not?

What if you compare two companies that are similar in every respect but have different share prices? All things being equal, the cheaper price has greater value for the investor. But the egg example has another side. What if the quality of the two brands of eggs is significantly different, but their prices are the same? If one brand of eggs is stale, of poor quality, and priced at 50 cents and the other brand is fresh, of superior quality, and also priced at 50 cents, which would you get? We’d take the good brand because they’re better eggs.

We know of one fellow who had $80,000 and was set to get married within 12 months and then put a down payment on a new home for him and his bride. He wanted to surprise her by growing his nest egg quickly so they could have a glitzier wedding and a larger down payment. What happened? The money instead shrunk to $11,000 as his stock choices pulled back sharply. Ouch! How does that go again? For better or for worse . . uh . . for richer or for poorer? We’re sure they had to adjust their plans accordingly.

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